TestCon Europe 2019

Yegor Bugayenko

Zerocracy Inc, USA


Yegor is a CEO of Zerocracy, an author of Elegant Objects book series about OOP, and a hands-on Java developer.


The Biggest Mistake of an Honest Tester

Most of us programmers, testers, and their managers, believe that testing is needed in order to make the software better. This is true. However, many of us also believe that the job of a tester is to verify the software and confirm that it’s ready for end-users. Testing departments in most software companies do exactly that — they go through their test scenarios, validate that the functionality is still there and give the green light for deployment. This kind of thinking is absolutely wrong, according to many authors of software testing books. However, it still dominates the market. Why it’s happening? I will attempt to analyze and demonstrate by example what’s wrong with it.

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