TestCon Vilnius 2018



Improve Planning Estimates Through Cognitive Bias Reduction

Andrew Brown

Have you ever wondered – How on earth did I miss that defect? In this session we learn how we notice or pay attention to an event or object. We use a series of videos and in-session experiments to demonstrate that we can pay increased attention to an expected…..

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Exploratory Testing and How to Implement it in Your Organization

Jeroen Rosink
Squerist, Netherlands

In a world of changes and agility the need for faster testing grows. The demand for adjusting your tests at the moment of deliverance is rising. Exploratory testing is an approach to deal with these demands. In this workshop you will learn the basics of explor….

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Bogdan Bereza
Victo, Poland

The agile-like approach is far older than most 25-years old enthusiasts of lean startup and continuous integration realize: it was first defined in Tom Gilb’s Evolutionary Project Management (EVO) in 1970s, and re-appeared to some extent in every iterative methodolo….

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Test Automation

Stefaan Luckermans
THASTE IT, Belgium

This presentation is in fact a training on how to do test automation from inception to the point where the automated tests can be executed.This presentation is in fact a training on how to do test automation from inceptio…

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Test Automation

Steve Portch
TSG Consulting, UK

Often, automation projects start with someone downloading a tool and trying to make it work which definitely isn’t the right way to go about it. This course has been designed to provide the delegates with good..

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How to implement Performance Test into your SDLC with Jmeter

Canberk Akduygu
Loadium, Turkey

Technical testers are already doing automation testing by using Selenium and similar tools. They execute web services tests with tools like Postman. Why not they also contribute to performance tests…..

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Arnon Axelrod
Sela Group, Israel

Selenium is a very simple and straight-forward technology to use. However, if you dig deeper into it, you’ll find some hidden gems that can be very handy in making your tests more robust and maintainable. In add….

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Agile Development: Powerful Refinements with BDD


Geoffrey van der Tas
Ordina, The Netherlands

This training will focus on using BDD in your organisation to create high performance teams that deliver value at high quality fast. We will look at some different approached used in BDD. Approaches to have powerful r…

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