TestCon Vilnius 2018

coemerge, France

Oana Juncu

Oana Juncu likes to present herself as an Agile Business DJ mixing whatever practices from areas that cover Agile and Design Thinking thru system thinking, storytelling and neurosciences, that will help organisations, teams and individuals become proud of their outcome.


Human System Design Testing

Teams, organisations, projects and software are complex systems. A common bias in dealing with them is “the wishful thinking”, which means we believe that if we address complex systems as they were simple, they will behave as such. This hands-on workshop will let you experience the behaviours of different systems: from simple to chaotic. The session aims to clarify why the iterative loop of “Experiment & Learn” is the most adapted systemic approach to work reality. It offers also the opportunity to learn how a chaos systems can bring value and what conditions those systems should meet. The workshop has 3 main phases:

-experience how Cynefin Model operates and gather the learning
-observe and exercice the behaviour of a complex system: what brings value in a -complex system and how sustainable it can be
-observe the behaviour of a chaos system and introduce conditions of “Antifragility”. Learn how chaos may be high value generative systems .
-have a highlight of Theory U transformation framework

One of the most important outcomes of this workshop is to help you reflect of the impact and the level significance of predictability.