TestCon Europe 2019

Janos Pasztor

A1 Digital/Exoscale, Austria


DevOps Engineer and Developer with over a decade of experience. Lecturer, author and video maker.


Demystifying Clean Code - How Architecture Helps with Testable Code

Clean Code has been a keyword in the industry for more than a decade, but we are still struggling with it. Somehow we are having massive problems writing clean, testable code that’s ready for future changes. How can we change that? How can an architecture help with getting through the day a little easier?

Session Keywords
Clean Code


Hands On Clean Code – Writing Testable Code in Practice

Writing tests is hard, but not as hard as writing testable code. This workshop guides you from the process of writing a testable, modular web application from the ground up. What’s better, you only need to bring with a little bit of OOP knowledge, your laptop and IntelliJ Community Edition installed. Everything else, including the Java knowledge required, will be imparted on you during the session.