TestCon Vilnius 2018

TSG Consulting, UK

Steve Portch

Steve is a highly experienced practitioner who has spent his whole career in IT, starting in operations, moving into software and hardware development and then into testing. Since moving into testing nearly 30 years ago, he has developed innovative testing strategies and delivered major testing projects across many industries including finance, telecoms, distribution and government as well as designing and delivering many testing training courses. With this breadth of experience, Steve is the go-to person at TSG Consulting when anything slightly out of the ordinary comes up!


Devising a project test approach

While it would be nice to think that we can apply a standard test approach to every project, the reality is that every one is different. Not only do we need to consider the amount of time, budget and resources available to us but other constraints such as technical complexity, who is developing the software and regulatory requirements can be equally important. This talk looks at these criteria and how we can work within them to create the most appropriate and pragmatic test approach for our project.


Introduction to Test Automation

Often, automation projects start with someone downloading a tool and trying to make it work which definitely isn’t the right way to go about it. This course has been designed to provide the delegates with good, basic understanding of what automation is, when to automate (and when not to!), how to devise an approach to automation that is appropriate, achievable and gives the best possible ‘bangs for the buck’ and how to choose the right tool. There are a number of interactive exercises and the delegates are encouraged to bring along any examples of where they might use automation to use in the exercises. Finally, the delegates are given the opportunity to create and run their own automated tests.