TestCon Vilnius 2018

ThoughtWorks, Germany

Nina Hillekum

Nina cares about high quality software from her heart. She is an analyst: Sometimes she analyse client business needs, sometimes teams and their processes and sometimes software.
She is a stakeholder in the quality of the product she is building. Nina want to share some of the ideas and concepts her team developed while working on different projects throughout ThoughtWorks Germany.


The Business Value Of Quality

Traditionally, when talking about the quality of our software, of our product, we discuss how we can ensure a certain level of quality. In this context quality is seen as a minimum requirement. The business value of quality from this perspective is in the prevention of potential losses, e.g. by downtime of a platform.
Today, we can see that this picture shifts dramatically. More and more companies move to a devops culture and we can see the same “shift left” happening in the QA space. Likewise, today’s businesses need to react fast to changes in the market. New technologies emerge faster than companies can pick them up.
We want to talk about a high quality product in this context. The high standard in our products does not just ensure our business and mitigate potential risk. High quality in our software allows us to build better software faster. It makes today’s product more resilient to changes in the future. We change our perspective and do not think how to ensure a certain (minimum) level of quality. But how high quality enables our business.