TestCon Vilnius 2018

Altom, Romania

Dolly Pente

Dolly Pente is a software tester. Working with Altom has facilitated her induction into the context driven and exploratory testing. She is continuously trying to improve her abilities by learning and exploring new fields that can help her evolve both on a professional and personal level. She enjoys getting involved in any testing activities …. ever since she became a tester!

Test Lab

Have you ever experimented at a conference the conflicting desires to be in all talks, and to have a break as the mind starts begging for some rest? Tough decision, as the talks are a very powerful source of new information. But how about relaxing, while still learning? There’s a place for that, called ‘The Test Lab’, where you can relax by alternating the learning paradigm.

So what is this Test Lab?
In a conference, the Test Lab is a place where delegates and speakers can actually… test. The scope of the lab is to create a context for learning by doing. The lab crew suggests exercises that we like to call “experiments”, and attendees accept the challenges they are mostly attracted to. The time to do the exercises varies from person to person: while some people are drawn by finding the tip of the iceberg for one or more experiments, some love to explore the vast depths of a challenge. This determines the time spent in the lab, which can vary from a few minutes to hours.

Example of experiments:
– Reflect on your problem solving skills while trying to find the pattern for the LED boxes
– Metrics without test cases
– RIMGEA your bugs
– Test ideas generation with Shmuel’s dice
– My first test script

We encourage you to come with other cool exercises and do them together. The Test Lab is an open space for any kind of learning activity to take place, including leftover discussions from talks, and so much more.

See you in the Lab!