TestCon Vilnius 2018

Team Agile, Israel

Roy Osherove

Roy Osherove is DevOps Process Lead & Continuous Delivery Architect. Roy has been working in the software industry for 20 years. He’s worked as a developer, architect, tester, tech lead, Director and CTO in small and huge companies, ranging from startups to giants.He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testing and test-driven development. The videos on his Youtube channel are viewable more than 80000 times. He is the author of “The Art of Unit Testing” and “Elastic Leadership” and is currently writing a new book titled “Enterprise DevOps”.


Elastic Leadership for Testers

In this talk we will discuss elastic leadership principles,  how to apply them effectively in your day to day work and how they can help you as a tester become more effective, while making others around you more effective as well.