TestCon Vilnius 2018

Devbridge, Lithuania

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Nikolaj is a Lead Test Engineer at Devbridge with strong expertise in testing gained in host of tech companies and projects. Majority of the projects required test automation solutions. Being a passionate video gamer, he decided to study IT and ended up getting his bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering. His first attempt to automate was a script written purely with Android SDK command line tools. He has been seeking stable, reliable, and effective way to automate since then.


5 Ways to Boost Automation Effectiveness

Test automation is not something magical or hard to implement. It became a great part of the usual testing activities. Nevertheless, sometimes it ends up being a waste of time or something that doesn’t bring the expected value. This presentation will cover the issues I had run into while implementing test automation solutions and how I overcame them and achieved effective, valuable results. You’ll hear me talk about test data, maintenance’less implementation, locator injections, test scripts developing environment. Also, what to avoid in the process, such as parallelization, effective and scalable gherkin implementation and many more.