TestCon Vilnius 2018

Paulius Eidikas

Devbridge, Lithuania

Vaidas Mačiulis

Devbridge, Lithuania

About Paulius Eidikas

Paulius always wanted to become an engineer. Several years he has been working with electronics and ways to test it. Currently he is deep into software testing and automation. Learning new things is driving him forward while high quality gadgets and devices are an inspiration to him.

About Vaidas Mačiulis

Vaidas have 8 years’ experience in software testing. Started from manual testing, then got serious with test automation for the past 4 years. He loves challenges and innovation. Working for software companies, and broad span of products including desktop, mobile and web applications allowed to accrue lots of interesting experience. Driving software quality is what drives Vaidas.


Test Automation: From Zero To Hero

Our story begins like many – day to day struggles with an outdated and cluttered framework that had to be maintained. However, a fortunate turn of events then happened – new frontend architecture came to the rescue. That gave us a time window where we could build a new and of course superior test automation framework. You may be already smiling on how familiar it all sounds…
Based on our application stack, C# + Selenium + nUnit have been chosen for the job. As you could have guessed many challenges like code duplication, test parallelization, scalability and many others soon became a reality again. Today we will be sharing an ongoing story on our hits and misses, lessons learned and a ton insight on how it all eventually came together into a continuous integration process we were aiming for.