TestCon Vilnius 2018

Qardio, Netherlands

Canberk Akduygu

Canberk Akduygu is the Product Owner at Loadium, a JMeter based performance engineering tool. He also works as Test Automation Architect.


What it Takes to Become a Performance Engineer?

Performance engineering is a discipline where one has to deal with many technological challenges. While manual and automated testing deals with the UI or business layer of an application, performance testing deals with low-level issues. That bring us the challenge of being a technical test engineer. What technology stack should we concentrate? What development language should we choose, etc?
In some projects, you may have to deal with UI level performance tests, but in another projects that can be a JSON or XML web service or may be an HTTP live Streaming system. You will extract data from web services, queueing systems, etc., construct new responses. You will create scripts and run them against the application to trigger some events.
Another common challenge in a performance testing is inefficient non-functional requirements. KPIs are hard to analyze when you try to get requirements. That brings us the social side of being a test engineer.
There are monitoring issues to trace the problems. Not every problem occurs because of a deadlock or resources, there are many obstacles that make your application runs poorly.
All those things are going to build up a gigantic monster that performance engineer has to fight. I’ll talk about what a performance engineer will face during a project and some tips to overcome them.


Hands-on Performance Testing with Apache JMeter



– Introduction to JMeter Concept
– What are JMeter Components?
– JMeter Sampler Types
– Data Extraction Types
– How to Debug Your Test Script
– Building a Web Service Performance Test Plan
– Building a Web Site Performance Test Plan without Recorder
– Building a Web Site Performance Test Plan with JMeter Recorder
– Running Your Script on Local Machine and in the Cloud
– JDK 1.8 or higher must be installed
– Apache JMeter 4.0 version must be installed (https://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi) 
– Chrome or Firefox browser would be nice to have