TestCon Vilnius 2018

Sogeti, Netherlands

Niek van Malsen

Niek is an Agile Quality Coach at Sogeti in The Netherlands. In his (testing) career he gained experience at multiple organisations where he was part of several Agile transformations.
His expertise and experience lies in the area of test automation, continuous delivery and continuous improvement


APEX: Find your ideal line

In a world where speed and change are inextricably connected. Organizations show incredible results. To be able to do this they do not only need the proper technical support, but they also need a well-balanced team. If you link this situation to the racing industry (world?) It has numerous similarities

Every corner counts and in every corner the driver needs to adapt and make the right decisions to achieve the best possible outcome. Does he need to shift gear, break early or steer in late? To be that adaptive and have that responsiveness it will require a lot of the driver and its team. Besides this there are also influences that come from outside like weather, other competitors, the state of the track. Therefor the driver and his team need 1 thing, without this all is worth nothing:

Without the right Quality, the driver will lose speed, stay behind, is not able to catch up and therefor loses the race or will even crash! When drivers have the right quality infrastructure, car and mindset they can take every corner to its optimum. When drivers near a corner, they aim for a particular point within the corner. If they follow the line to that point they try to minimize the time spent in the corner and maximize the overall speed through the corner.

That particular point is called the APEX. With the help of Quality Values we will give you guidelines to reach your APEX.