TestCon Vilnius 2018

TestArmy Group, Poland

Jacek Okrojek

Jacek Okrojek’s foundation of technical expertise stems from hands-on developing, testing along with team leading. As a consultant, he was a part of various test teams and was involved in testing on all software lifecycle stages. He builds extensive experience while testing critical functions of a real-time system, which is GSM, financial platforms and also web and desktop applications. Understanding principles of quality assurance, proven by the ISTQB certification, gives him a solid background for the Test Team Leader and Test Manager roles.


Web Application Performance Testing from Users Perspective

JavaScript and HTML5 gave designers and developers countless possibilities and freedom when it comes to creating websites. Unfortunately, the cost of a reach user interface is a browser performance.

When doing performance tests we usually focus on the server side of the system and believe that is enough to secure a great user experience.

In this presentation, Jacek Okrojek will describe concepts related to browser performance and measuring performance from a user perspective. Jacek will walk participants through real cases from projects he participated in and he will share his experience.

In this talk, Jacek will present:

– Updated rules for building high-performance websites

– Concepts of synthetic and real user measurements including problems testers can face

– Common metrics and problems with measuring them

– New open source and commercial tools that allow for measuring performance on desktop and mobile browsers


Web Application Performance Testing from Users Perspective

When doing performance tests testers usually present statistics from tools that like JMeter or Gatling. This approach works for APIs and simple sites that do not require resources like javascript, css or image files. For most modern websites measurements collected that way give stakeholders information only about the performance of the lower layers of an application. Testers need to use other tools and approaches to obtain information about UI metrics, which are critical from the users perspective.

In the workshop, Jacek Okrojek will share the experience collected during several performance testing projects and prepare you for tasks he was asked to do. Besides explaining the testing methodology, Jacek will show how to use tools that help you to gather common metrics and assess website performance on desktop and mobile devices. Participants will learn what they can achieve from a local lab, cloud infrastructure including SaaS platforms or when the application is live.

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