TestCon Vilnius 2018

Keytorc Software Testing Services, Turkey

Berk Dulger

Berk Dülger has taken different roles in software development organizations including but not limited to, Software Engineer, Consultant, Trainer, and Account Manager. He helps companies to develop high-quality software solutions leveraging Continuous Testing/DevOps practices. He believes in total quality improvement can only be achieved with solid managerial and engineering practices. Currently, he is responsible for local and international projects across Europe.

He occasionally likes to share his experiences and ideas in international conferences, personal blog, and LinkedIn.


Next Generation Testing in the Age of Machines

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said; There is nothing permanent except change.
It is perfectly inevitable resisting change, especially in the age of machines. Many pieces of research indicate demand for labor will diminish throughout the century and reach a critical point. As a result, lots of jobs will disappear such as driving, farming, manufacturing and so on.
It is not different for software professional. Many conventional tasks will be carried out by machines in the near future. Software Testers are also no exception. Conventional test techniques like manual checking and defect reporting will not exist. Even today’s automation practices will be absolute. AI Assisted Testing, Machined Learning from User Behavioral and other, may not yet be known, techniques will transform testing into something quite different.
So, how software tester will survive? What skills and practices are needed for differentiation? What does it take to be fittest of the population?
In the session, qualifications required for future will be emphasized and brainstormed.

Future is closer than you think!