TestCon Vilnius 2018

European Commission, Romania

Alexandra Nagy

Alexandra Nagy is a passionate automation engineer with interests focused on load testing processes, automation testing and quality assurance workflows. In 2015 she has written an article with prof. George Sebastian Chis entitled “Sensitivity Analysis and Patterns Implementation on Load Testing Software System” published in Journal of Software and presented at ICSCT 2015 conference in Dubai. In 2016 she was a speaker at Romanian Testing Conference, Codecamp Cluj, IT Days Cluj and Test Automation Day Rotterdam.


MYTHBUSTING: Every Project Needs to be Automated

Being good at a technical level is not enough anymore. Scenario thinking, analyzing and being creative are getting known as the main attributes in automation testing. You need to understand the process, analyse and build a strategy from scratch. But what should that strategy be? Automation is no longer the problem, but knowing all the factors involved and combining scenarios is. Therefore “every project needs to be automated” is a MYTH or a FACT?