Testing with Mindset Tools

Quite a lot of testers often miss out on the mindset necessary for the testing and delivery of quality products. Sometimes it seems that quality consciousness is missing. Little wonder that some testers only find obvious bugs and why quality is far-fetched from the PUT (Program under test), despite the presence of testers on the project. Adding on to this is the overwhelming and unnecessary challenges that awaits a project, where individuals in each role (programmer, project manager, test lead, testers) lack proper understanding and appropriation of the level of test mindset that is needed for each role, in order to enhance the successful release of quality products. This workshop exposes you to the application of “Mindset Tools” a discovery on how to grow a “Test Mindset” and enhance testing skills.

Duration: Whole day


What is the Tester’s Mindset: 30 mins

• What is testing, mindset and the tester’s Mindset

• Why consider the tester’s mindset in software development projects?

The Test Mindset diagnosis: 45 mins

• What kind of tester/programmer are you?

• Who are you when you test?

• What kind of Mindset do you use when you test?

• How do you fair when you are and when you are not spoon fed with test cases or written requirements?

• The race towards a quality product.

• The importance of understanding the psychology of each role in a software development project.

• What kind of testers/programmers are the project managers looking forward to having in their team?

Practical workshop: Discovering who you are when you test without the Mindset Tools (participants will test a software program without the knowledge of Mindset Tools): 45 mins

Introducing the Mindset Tools approach to testing: 1 hour

• Why is quality consciousness missing?

• Why do some testers find only obvious bugs?

• What is the Mindset Tools approach to testing?

• What is Mindset Tweaking and how does it work?

• Benefits of the Mindset Tools approach to testing.

• Dynamic vs Static Mindset approach to testing and enhancing testing skills.

• Using the Mindset Tools as a “life saver” when a “buggy”software gets thrown at you.

• Using the Mindset Tools when you get thrown into a project with no written test cases and no written requirements?

• Using the Mindset Tools when the odds become overwhelming.

• The good, the bad and the ugly: the growing tester/programmer, stagnant tester/programmer, the grown tester/programmer.

Practical workshop: Testing Software using Classical Mindset Tools:(participants will test a software program with the knowledge of Mindset Tools):45 mins

How to develop your own Mindset Tools: 1 hour

• Introducing the ORA model•Using the ORA model to invent your own Mindset Tools.

• Learning to identify useful inputs and test stories for developing your Mindset Tools.

• Tips on identifying Mindset Tweaks as input to your Mindset Toolkit.

• Introducing the Mindset Tools ORA board.

• A quick look at the possibility of applying the use of “Mindset Tools”in Manual testing, exploratory testing and automated testing.

Practical workshop: Testing a software program using your own invented Mindset Tools: 1 hour (participants will test a software program using the Mindset Tools that they have invented)

Introducing Mindset Tools games: 15 mins
(The Mindset Tools games are still under development.If they are available before the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to play and get more initiatives on the Mindset Tools).

Course objectives

After this workshop, you would have widened your testing toolkit with the “Mindset Tools”testing approach because this workshop affords you the opportunities below:

• You will learn about a cheaper & effective way to develop a “Test Mindset”and progressively enhance your testing skills.

• You will realize the importance of test stories and how you can use them to develop “Mindset Tools”for enhancing your testing skills.

• You will be inspired to be innovative and creative towards your observations and reflections.

• Mindset Tools approach delivers a two-dimensional possibility for enhancing your testing skills because it delves into both the technical and human aspect of testing and the releasing of a quality product.

• You will not only learn how to use the “Classical Mindset Tools”but you will practice how to develop your own“Mindset Tools” and become more valuable in your role as a tester, programmer, test or project manager.

• “Mindset Tools”are developed from test stories, hence during this workshop you will find it easy to visualize yourself in the scenarios being described and find it easy learn &and apply the “Mindset Tools”approach.

Targeted Audience:

Mindset Tools workshop is intended for but not limited to: Potential Testers, Testers, Programmers, Test leads, Test Managers, Project managers who are interested in increasing knowledge thereby enhancing expertise in development, testing and releasing of quality products.This workshop is structured to be beneficial to experienced, intermediate and people with little or no experience in testing and software development. Hence to participate, experience in software development and testing is useful but not compulsory.

Level 1 Description: Introductory and overview material. Assumes little expertise with topic and covers topic concepts, functions, features, and benefits.

Level 2 Description: Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic. Required Tools/Material:A personal computer/smart phone and internet connection.