Tom Gilb, Norway


Tom is independent teacher, consultant and writer. He is the author of nine books and hundreds of published papers, and is recognized as the founder or major driver of several technical disciplines such as “software metrics” and “evolutionary project management”. In the 80s, Tom helped IBM establish pioneering methods in quantifying qualities.

His methods have been widely and successfully adopted by startups, charities, and large companies such as Intel, IBM, HP, Boeing, Ericsson, and Credit Suisse.

Tom has published nine books, including the early coining of the term “Software Metrics” which is the recognized foundation ideas for IBM CMM/SEI CMM/CMMI Level 4.

He wrote “Principles of Software Engineering Management” and “Software Inspection”. Both titles are really systems engineering books in software disguise. His latest book is “Competitive Engineering: A Handbook for Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering Management Using Planguage”.

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  • 19-Oct-2017

Keynote: A Bill of Rights for Testers

Real Quality Assurance from an Agile and Lean Viewpoint: Are you ready for real software and test engineering?

Traditional testing, as a means towards quality assurance, is far too costly and far too ineffective. There are much smarter ways to approach software quality. One problem is who will lead the change process? This talk will outline a far more advanced QA function, and challenge CIO and CTO levels ...

Tom Gilb, Norway

LEAN QA: Cost Effective Methods for delivering Measurable Qualities, not just bug freeness

Target audience: People who are concerned with improving all quality aspects of products and services, while also  reducing the costs of testing and other older forms of QC. Typical job titles are Test managers, QA and QC people. The approach is upstream and ‘design quality in’ (ie. ‘Lean’), so people ...

Tom Gilb, Norway