Visual Collaborative Test Strategy

Traditional test strategy documents have little relevance or value in today’s world of agile development projects, if indeed they ever had value (be honest, how often have you read a good one)? But that doesn’t mean strategy itself is wrong, in fact it’s a highly valuable activity; it’s just perhaps the way it was approached could be much better. So out with dusty copy-paste documents that no one ever reads and instead come to a workshop that puts forward a practical and visual alternative. This fun, interactive and highly participative workshop introduces this alternative, the creation of a high impact visual strategy poster that is produced collaboratively with the team and can be evolved over the project lifecycle. It aims to strike a balance between the necessity to keep things adaptive and away from templates, but also keep things practical with a useful toolbox for making sense of strategy and presenting it to a wide audience.

Duration: Whole day


Morning Session

Welcome and Introductions 30 mins

Background – from traditional approaches to visual collaborative test strategy 60 mins
● Definitions of test strategy
● The problems with traditional approaches
● Key concepts – collaboration, visualisation, iterative and evolving

Introducing the scenario 30 mins
● Context, architecture and workflows of the example system we’ll use for the basis of
the strategy exercises

Freestyle strategy exercise 60 mins
● Working in teams, hands-on creation of a first version, drawing on experience and
ideas from the group
● Present and share

Afternoon Session

The test strategy toolbox 90 mins
● Tools, techniques and templates for helping build a visual and informative strategy
● Creation of second version of strategy, applying the toolbox
● Change scenarios

Visualisation 90 mins
● Introduction of visualisation techniques
● Thinking about the audience
● Creation of third version of strategy, a presentable engaging poster
● Presentation of each team’s strategy

Wrap-up and Conclusions 30 mins

Course Objectives

The visual collaborative test strategy workshop aims to give attendees guidance on how to adopt fresh ideas and a different approach to creating a testing strategy, backed up by
practical tips on how to apply this, including:
1. Ways to gather ideas collaboratively around approaches to testing a solution
2. Hands on practice in how to create a Test Strategy in a concise visual form
3. A toolbox of models and techniques to apply when considering Testing Strategy
4. Ideas on ways to evolve and adapt Test Strategy to changing circumstances

Target audience
The workshop is primarily intended for test professionals responsible for, or involved in, the creation of testing approaches for software products. Developers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters are also welcome – it’s for anyone who cares about building and delivering a quality software product or service. Hands-on experience of testing or building software is recommended.
This course is suitable for all:
Level 1 Description:
Introductory and overview material. Assumes little expertise with topic and covers topic concepts, functions, features, and benefits.
although you will get more out of the course if you are more experienced
Level 2 Description:
Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic

About the trainers
Clem Pickering has been involved with agile software delivery for many years under the guise of many roles, development, testing and devops. People, agile and testing have remained key areas of enthusiasm throughout. He now works for an agile consultancy providing coaching, training and sharing ideas whenever possible. At some point he will start a blog but he’s been saying that for years; however see @clem_pickering on Twitter.

Mike Grimwood has been working within software testing for the last 11 years in both the UK and Australia specialising in test leadership but also playing many other roles along the way including business analysis and Scrum master. Mike is a people focused tester with a passion for delivering quality products through collaborative working.