Visual Collaborative Test Strategy

Traditional test strategy documents have little relevance or value in today’s world of agile development projects, if indeed they ever had value (be honest, how often have you read a good one)? Likewise, strategies defined in isolation and up-front by independent QA teams are at best instantly out-of-date and at worst expose the project to unnecessary risk by taking a blinkered approach in danger of focussing on the wrong things. But that doesn’t mean strategy itself is wrong, in fact it’s a highly valuable activity; it’s just perhaps the way it was approached could be much better. So out with dusty copy-paste Word documents that no one ever reads and instead come to a workshop that puts forward a practical and visual alternative.

This workshop introduces this alternative, the creation of a high impact visual strategy poster that is produced collaboratively with the team and can be evolved over the project lifecycle. It aims to strike a balance between the necessity to keep things adaptive and away from templates, but also keep things practical with a useful toolbox for making sense of strategy and presenting it to a wide audience.

Groups will:
-Collaboratively brainstorm strategy ideas against a pre-prepared fictional scenario
-Be introduced to new testing models and techniques which can be applied to the context of the scenario
-Practice visually representing application of above models/techniques and ideas on their own Test Strategy poster
-Adapt their strategies to a series of changes to the original scenario

This is a fun, interactive and highly participative workshop which gives people chance to practice and share thoughts on test strategy, and also come away with a set of practical ideas for creating their own visual test strategy.