Usability Testing is not Rocket Science!

For some reason, people not involved with the field of UX (usability) have the idea that usability testing in general is as difficult as rocket science—especially for mobile and the constraints it comes with.

I hear from people that the main reasons for not conducting usability tests are that they don’t have the know-how, “enough” time, and, most commonly, the budget. Of course, some approaches can be very difficult, take a lot of time, and be very expensive. But they don’t have to be. With this session, I will discuss some of the approaches we (as Keytorc) use for usability testing to keep all these factors as low as possible. I’ll also address how mobile usability testing differs from desktop usability testing.

Hopefully, the attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how to choose their usability testing approach and how to select their targeted users, test scenarios, and usability testing tools.