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Testing Techniques and Methodologies

I suggest you propose some profit-sharing arrangement to me for this 1-day course, on top of the expenses.

When a software project uses some agile process (like Scrum), also the testing must become agile. Other testing ways of working are needed, applied appropriately. One of the best ways is exploratory testing.

Basics about exploratory testing
• Terminology and techniques
Benefits of exploratory testing
• Benefits of exploratory testing in test planning, e.g. testing experience from testing is utilized in test planning
• When is traditional scripted testing in order
Preparation and execution of exploratory testing
• Test sessions
• Test case design
• Strict reporting and professional work
Leading exploratory testing
• Exploratory testing from management and competence development point of view
• How does exploratory testing support development of testing competences
• Contexts, where exploratory testing is most useful
Thinking skills in exploratory testing
• How to develop one’s learning and thinking skills to enable exploratory testing
• Skill to question, skill to analyze, skill to assess one’s own activities etc.
The course includes 2-3 hour practical workshop on Session-Based Test Management.
Course objectives
During the course the testing toolbox is expanded with the perspective of exploratory testing. After the course the participants can think and implement exploratory testing.
Target group
Exploratory testing –course is meant for software testers, software developers, project managers and other people who have some testing responsibilities. Also people interested in test processes and competence development are welcome. The course participants are encouraged to have experience about testing or test leadership, because the course gives opportunities to consider and compare one’s own experiences with other professionals at the course.