Performance Testing of Web Applications with JMeter

The goal of this workshop is to present several types of performance tests of web application, means of executing and managing them. During the workshop attendees will get to know and use widely known and popular performance testing tool – JMeter.

Duration: 1 day


1. Introduction to performance testing

a. architecture of web applications

b. types of performance tests

c. performance testing process

2. Useful technologies

a. XPath

b. regex

c. JSONPath

3. JMeter as a performance testing tool

a. elements of JMeter

b. how to start working with JMeter

c. script parametrization

d. verification points

e. test data correlation

4. Load management

5. Reporting

a. View Results Tree

b. results analysis

c. JMeter dashboard

Course objectives:

During the workshop you will get to know several types of performance tests, the process of performance tests. I will also present some technologies that are crucial if you want to work with JMeter effectively, such as XPath and regular expressions. You will also learn, how to install, configure and start working with JMeter. You will write some performance testing scripts and we will run them and read the results of the test.

Target audience:

This workshop is intended for people who want to plan, prepare and run performance tests. It requires some technical knowledge of network protocols such as HTTP and structure of web applications.
Programming skills and knowledge of XML and related technologies is a plus.
The workshop is Level 1 (introductory) regarding JMeter and performance testing, but for greatest benefits it requires some knowledge of technical aspects of testing i.e. software and network architectures and protocols, XML, test automation.

Course prerequisites:

Personal computer with internet connection.