Roy Osherove - testcon-vilnius

Patterns and Anti patterns for successful Enterprise DevOps implementation

DevOps is the implementation of continuous delivery and agile concepts across the organization, focusing on pipelines as the main building blocks for delivery value internally and to the customer. But getting to that state is complicated because it requires several facets of work:  People, process and tools. In large organizations, we have the added complexity of:

-Multiple dependencies and sub systems;
-Multiple teams, groups, business units with competing interests;
-Varying degrees of agility, culture, tools, technologies and processes;
-Security, compliance and policy gates

In this workshop we will discuss main patterns and anti patterns for adopting and implementing DevOps pipelines throughout the organization, that any scale.

Target audience: Anyone interested in DevOps , with at least 3 years working in a software organization.

Level 1: Beginner material. Assumes little knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.

Course prerequisites:
-Hardware: None.
-Software: None
-Skillset: Critical Thinking, open mind


The workshop consists of four parts:

Part 1: DevOps & Continuous Delivery Values, Metrics and  concepts (45min):

-Defining DevOps and Enterprise DevOps
-Continuous Integration vs continuous Delivery
-Enterprise vs small scale DevOps challenges
-Software defined everything

Part 2: Value Streaming & pipelining (45min):

-We will value stream a small app together (including testing)
-We will split into groups and create our own value streams
-We will discover bottlenecks
-We will discuss common anti patterns found in the value streams

 Part 3: Common patterns & solutions (45min):

-We will discuss solutions to the anti patterns we found in the value streams
-We will start to design a pipeline with those solutions

Part 4: Influencing the organization to change (45min):

-We will discuss common anti patterns
-We will discuss common success patterns for adopting DevOps without losing your job
-Q &A