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LEAN QA: Cost Effective Methods for delivering Measurable Qualities, not just bug freeness

Detailed Subject Matter.
– Stakeholder Quality: Stakeholder quality analysis and specification.
– Quality Quantification: All quality requirements need to be quantified, to reflect all critical quality dimensions.
– Quality By Design: Design Quality In! Don’t try to test it in. How to find and evaluate designs that give us needed quality levels. How to estimate impact of designs and architectures on requirement levels, as the basis for ‘assuring’ that we have later reached planned quality levels. Smart architecture for quality.
– Quality Decision Tables: a practical tool for managing multiple qualities, multiple costs, and multiple architecture and strategy options – quantitatively and objectively.
– Agile QC: Establish ‘agile quality control’, a quantified simple review process. This includes measuring the quality of requirements, designs, code, test plans. It will give people strong motivation to follow best standards practices.
– Quantified Quality Process Gates: Quantified Process Entry and Exit Control, to drive learning, and practice, of your standards.
– Quality By Feedback: Evolutionary Product Quality Development: one step above conventional ‘agile’ in dealing with quality. The Unity (111111) method for decomposing architecture into high quality increments.
– Quantify Maintainability Requirements: Engineer a variety of maintainabilty qualities (Portability, Maintainability, Adaptability).