Enhancing your testing skills with “Mindset Tools”

Quite a lot of testers often miss out on the mindset that’s needed for testing and delivery of quality products. Sometimes it seems that quality consciousness is missing. Little wonder why some testers only find obvious bugs and why quality is far-fetched from the Program under test (PUT), despite the presence of testers on the project. Adding up to this is the overwhelming and unnecessary challenges that await a project where individuals in each role (programmer, project manager, test lead, testers) lack proper understanding and appropriation of the level of “tester’s mindset” that is needed for each role, in order to enhance successful release of quality products.
Reflecting on my daily task and how to keep growing, I discovered that different task, required different lenses, viewed at different angles, with different mindset. Hence to effectively test, I need to tweak my mindset for different task. To achieve this, I need to keep my mindset flexible when I test. To keep my mindset flexible and help me look at things from different angles, I put a label on the mindset approaches that I find useful. Over time, my way of reasoning evolved into a set of tools that I refer to as “My Mindset Toolkit”.
Using real life test stories, I will present to you examples of mindset tools that I have identified, how I have used them to optimize collaboration in software development teams, become a valuable team member and a skilled tester. I will further propose a model that can help individuals develop their own mindset tools depending on the type of environment and product being developed.
Examples of Identified Mindset Tools are: “User”, “Already Tested”, “Curiosity”, “Analytical”, “Lazy Tester”, “Communicator”, “Bug Conviction”, “Trust”, “Business” and “Team leading” Mindset Tools.
Key takeaways
You will learn about Mindset Tools; a cheaper and effective way to develop a test mindset and enhance testing skills.
 Mindset Tools are developed from test stories, therefore it’s easy to visualize yourself in the scenarios being described and easy to learn and apply.
You will be inspired to be innovative and creative towards your observations and reflections.
Mindset Tools can help enhance your skills in both the technical and human aspect of testing and releasing of a quality product.
You will learn how to develop your own Mindset Tools and become more valuable in your role as a tester, programmer, test or project manager.