Champions League Test Automation – Our 11 Key Players

During the last 10 years I have worked on 4 different test automation projects in 4 different companies. According to MY expectations none of these projects have been successful. Why? Because something was forgotten, eliminated from the origin plan or implemented incomplete or even wrong.

When taking over the responsibility for my current test automation project, my boss has given me 2 years time and enough resources to do it right. With the lessons learned of the previous projects we found 11 key players to be nominated for our test automation team to get it up and running – and to be able to play in the Champions League!

The presentation shows how to set up the defense to have it simple, robust, maintainable and always up and running. The midfield makes it effective, adoptable and understandable. And Test Automation can be even – and has to be – offensive: Target-oriented test runs get the most out of the automation and with diversion the test automation is able to detect new bugs. Internal and external promotion provides support and motivation.

The own team has to be world-class, as also the “opponents” have good players: How to detect attack attempts and how to block them?

Finally our “course of the match” is presented: What has happened before the kickoff, during the 1st and 2nd half time and in the extra time?

All the 11 key players and the opponents are presented with anecdotes and proven with the practical background of our test automation framework.